Oct182012 gets a college makeover

Dear lingering followers of my website,

the past few months have been busy with school and various other responsibilities, meaning I've unfortunately had to limit the amount I'm able to share online. However, we're now in the home stretch of the process and I have one more step to undergo.

I'll be posting new recordings, videos, and various other information on this site in order to display it to the colleges to which I'm applying throughout the next couple weeks. Please note that though these aren't final recordings or finished products, all information is copywritten and is not availible through iTunes or other sources at this time.

Thanks for your patience and wish me luck!


Music video for Messiah Complex is FINALLY UP!

videography credit to Michael Goldman. Animated version to come soon 


Website construction

so the site is currently under development, so you might notice a few things that if you click on them, you will be led to either just a blank page, or something that doesn't make much sense... this is the result of me trying to save money by building the website myself. The site will be lookin much better as of this Monday.



Sorry for the slowness...

sorry things have been slow with the posting.

we've been super busy with promotion and planning what's next--not to worry though, of course I will always have time for fans!

the Messiah Complex music video will be going up on and youtube within the next few days, as will the live videos from the show at the Bowery. please keep showing friends the site and the music!

I've been hearin a lot of good feedback and I want it to keep comin'! hahaha

We've also got photos and other fun goodies that I'll be posting very soon.

Keep it real, folks



Neophyte EP hits the shelves!

So at the release party for my EP, Neophyte, guests were handed out little custom-designed flash drives containing the album... however, for those of you who couldn't make it, couldn't recieve one, or just can't get enough Jill Blutt, the album is availible for purchase HERE on iTunes

or on amazon 

or napster or a selection of other music distribution services.

you can also have a listen right here on the site (click the tunecore widget on the right sidebar)